Our guidelines in daily practice

Following our guidelines we developed our ways of working. These are the main topics when we decide how and whom to help in all particular cases.

  • The yearly income of the individual / family asking for help may be above the defined poverty level of the particular country (based on data of year 2010) if the necessary medical treatment is of extraordinary costs which the applicant can't afford.
  • Any financial support is given out of available liquid funds of our association. We don't finance anything by bank credits.
  • We don't support permanent treatments.
  • We focus on supporting people younger than 40..45 years but also take into account the family situation (i.e. 40 years old father of 4 children).
  • We don't pay to the applicant or applying family, we only transfer payments to the medical facility or attending medical doctors.
  • We also support expensive treatments but focus on rather simple and less expensive therapy. We want to help as much as possible individuals with our limited resources.
  • We are not interested in spectacular medical surgery and the corresponding media attention.
  • We rarely support medical pre- and after-treatment.

We have formalized the application process to ease the communication and approval process for both sides, the applicant and us.

Our application form is available for download here: >>> APPLICATION FORM <<<

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