Help for institutions - supporting medical infrastructure

  • Medical treatment must be done on site!

We want medical treatments being done on site. By supporting local medical treatments we also strengthen the local medical infrastructure. We want skilled medical doctors and personnel to be well paid and staying in their countries.

  • Providing modern appliances for medical facilities

In cases where hospitals and other medical facilities need modern and functioning medical appliances, we try to find hospitals and doctor's offices in Germany offering second-hand equipment. These devices and systems are checked by skilled medical engineers prior shipment. We provide an all-round carefree package including acquisition, check-up, customs clearance in Germany and shipment to the target country. The receiver of the equipment has to care of the local customs clearance and transportation to the final destination.

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Example: Renal dialysis appliances for St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center Sto. Tomas (Philippines)

In 2011 we shipped seven fully functional second-hand systems for renal dialysis to the St. Frances Cabrini Hospital in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines - one of our partnering hospitals. The dialysis systems came from Nierenzentrum Schwäbisch Hall (kidney treatments practice).

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Dialysis in St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center

After successful testing, the ministry of health issued a final approval in July 2012. The official inauguration of the systems was done August 28, 2012. Following our concern to especially support poor people, we agreed with the hospital to provide 20% of the treatments free of charge to needy people.

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