Executive Board

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Heinz Zeisberger

- Executive Chairman -

Heinz Zeisberger is Executive Chairman of the board and responsible for public relations. Born in 1948, he is married and has got three grown-up children. Heinz Zeisberger is a retired Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent) and lives in Michelfeld together with his family.
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Dr. Christoph Hespelt

- Aid Effort Management -

Dr. Christoph Hespelt manages and coordinates our different aid efforts. Born 1976, he is married and has two children.
Dr. Christoph Hespelt is a resident dentist practicing in Michelfeld and lives in Schwäbisch Hall.
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Ömer Öztürk

- Finance & Controlling -

Ömer Öztürk is responsible for finance and controlling. He is born in Völklingen and lives in Schwäbisch Hall. He is married father of two children. He is commercial director of a producer for
industrial safety systems.
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Alois Schöllhorn

- Sponsoring -

Alois Schöllhorn takes responsibility of finding sponsors and supporters. He is attorney and banking professional. Born in 1958, he's married and has got one son. He is CEO of a contruction company and chairman of the employers association Heilbronn Franken. In addition he is active in several charity organisations.

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