Our activities in Germany

We meanwhile identified quite some ways to earn funds for running our association. Our members are very creative and we continuously develop ideas to do even more.

Fund-raiser events are very popular and we have established our yearly Asian Buffet as the biggest of our frequent events. Starting 2009 in a relatively small environment it was growing from year to year and is meanwhile well-known all around our home region. But we also run many other such events and the organization is done by our members and many more supporters.

In addition to our own events we also support events of other organizations. We provide personnel for serving food or providing other guest services to get donations from the supported organization. Our members and friends are very active in this way.

Sales and donation booths are a common way of being present and active in the public. Beside this we're running social projects with children during school holidays.

Last but not least we do presentations and discussion forums about topics of public interest to inform people about our daily work and to make them aware of who we are and how to support us.

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